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Fascinating story of Delimar Vera

December 04, 2022 Episode 65
Crime and Coffee Couple - True Crime Podcast
Fascinating story of Delimar Vera
Show Notes

On December 15, 1997, a fire started in a two-story row house in north Pennsylvania. Luz Cuevas, the resident of the home & frantic mother, rushed into her 10-day-old infant’s room, in search of her baby. She was unable to locate her & soon became overcome by smoke & burns to her face & was forced to flee the home, saving her two other children. Allison tells us this insane story with twists and turns.

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  1. Tampa Bay Times: Daughter lost in fire returns but questions swirl in family
  2. CNN: Mom finds kidnapped daughter six years later
  3. The Guardian: ‘I believe in my heart she’ll accept me’
  4. The Buffalo News: Girl, 6, Parents Reunited Mother Thought Baby Died In A Fire
  5. Fox News: Woman Took Baby from Burning House, Gets 30 Years
  6. The New York Times: Girl Found and Woman Held After a Ruse Lasting Years
  7. Wikipedia: Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story
  8. Woman in baby–theft case turns suicidal
  9. Tampa Bay Times: Murky details cloud girl’s return
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